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2024 Update

MNHN is continuing to give rides into town, mostly for people with medical appointments. Often the availability of a ride is what allows the person to stay in their home after an illness. When a ride request comes in, we send out a notice to our volunteer base, giving the day and time the ride is needed, and a volunteer who is available responds.

We have been helping The Little Free Food Pantry find volunteers.

Our beloved founder, Patricia Wood, is retiring. We are looking for volunteers who would like to take a leadership role. If you are interested, send an email to or join our Facebook group (link above) and leave a post.

From the September 2022 issue of Mountain Network News

We are still here! The challenges of the COVID pandemic are still with us, and people still need occasional, non-professional help to stay healthy and safe.

We require masks for those in vehicles and other indoor spaces. Our care receivers are often in precarious health and our volunteers are often older with health risks themselves. We also now require COVID-19 vaccination and booster shots for both care receivers and volunteers.

For those receiving on-going support, such as grocery and pharmacy deliveries, or multiple medical office visits, we are assigning up to three volunteers to support one person/household for multiple occasions. This helps with ongoing needs, and promotes developing human interactions.

MNHN accepts requests for non-professional assistance, such as grocery or pharmacy pick-up and delivery, rides to non-emergency medical care, limited meal preparation and meal clean-up, and limited yard care such as sweeping sidewalks, and light clearing of defensible space. We do not do professional medical, home, or yard care. We provide our services on a voluntary basis. Our volunteers may or may not be available to fulfill your requests, but we will do our best to help.

We serve mostly the communities included in the 95033 Postal Zip Code: Aldercroft Heights, Redwood Estates, and the Summit Road area.

We always need new volunteers and new people who could use some help. Visit:, email, phone 408-353-4565, or mail us at MNHN, P.O. Box 653, Redwood Estates, CA 95044.

---MNHN volunteer Patrick Xuan helped Rita Lamendella pull some weeds.---

Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a group of volunteers who provide free help to residents of the Santa Cruz mountains, especially our seniors. We coordinate occasional or short-term services such as stacking wood, visiting, giving rides into town, delivering meals, light temporary house-keeping, form-filling, trash cleanup, repairs, clearing storm drains, light clearing of defensible space, and assistance in using the internet.

MNHN is offering Well-Being Calls. If you or someone you know would like someone to call them daily (or on certain days) to check that everything is ok, contact MNHN.

All assistance is subject to the availability of volunteers with the appropriate skills.

This is a great opportunity for local students to fulfill their community service requirements.

We also can help you find a paid helper. For example, we have a list of in-home health providers who work in the 95033 zip code area.

Contact or call 408 353 4565 to give or receive help from a neighbor
-- that's what neighbors are for! In the spirit of barn-raising, you can be both a giver and receiver of help.

MNHN Articles in the Mountain Network News

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Here is a ten-minute video, produced by Skyland Church, about our work:

MNHN Recent Activities

A note from longtime Redwood Estates resident Alice Hoagland

It is a true joy to learn that Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors has taken the time to spruce up our neighborhood 9/11 memorial. That roadside memorial stands at the Summit Road exit of Highway 17, and is the work of former Los Gatos High School assistant principal Patti Hughes, who served the high school during the years when my son Mark Bingham attended LGHS. Mark graduated from Los Gatos High in 1988. Thirteen years later, on September 11, 2001, Mark and a small group of fellow passengers died fighting Islamist terrorists aboard hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 over the skies of western Pennsylvania.

Mark often spoke fondly of Mrs. Hughes, so I was deeply touched to learn, in the aftermath of 9/11, that she had single-handedly constructed the sweet memorial in our midst. A few days ago Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors refurbished the memorial, removing overgrowth and restoring the patriotic Red, White and Blue dedicatory sign lettering to its original easy-to-read yellow.

Heartfelt thanks to Pam Walatka of Redwood Estates and her generous, civic-minded friends of Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Alice Hoagland and her son Mark Bingham. Photo courtesy of

Our Wonderful Community Partners

Our care network is made possible by your friends and neighbors who volunteer their time, supplies, and money. We are very grateful for the many folks and local groups who help to build a stronger healthier mountain community family.

South Skyline Association

Christ Child Catholic Church

Leo's Club (CTE middle school service club)

Loma Prieta Community Foundation

Loma Prieta Women's Club

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Chapel

Mountain Bible Church

Skyland Church, UCC


Santa Cruz Mountain Alliance