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Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a group of volunteers who provide free help to residents of the Santa Cruz mountains, especially our seniors. We coordinate occasional or short-term services such as stacking wood, visiting, giving rides into town, delivering meals, light temporary house-keeping, form-filling, trash cleanup, repairs, clearing storm drains, light clearing of defensible space, cleaning storm drains, and assistance in using the internet.

All assistance is subject to the availablity of volunteers with the appropriate skills.

This is a great opportunity for local students to fulfill their community service requirements.

Contact or call 408 353 4565 to give or receive help from a neighbor
-- that's what neighbors are for!

Photo credit: Nancy Jo Lopp
Photo: MNHN Board members Connie Goddard (left) and Ann Wells prepare to offer free giftwrapping at the Loma Prieta Holiday Faire.


  • Next meeting for the steering committee and any volunteers who wish to attend: Thursday, February 16, 12:30 at Nonno's in Redwood Estates.

Here is a ten-minute video about our work:

We organize teams of volunteers and geographically match them with families who are willing to receive some assistance and in return provide community service opportunities for others. Help strengthen our community ties!

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MNHN Recent Activities

  • We continue to provide rides into town, most often for medical appointments.
  • We have done various yard work tasks, including firewood moving and stacking, raking, and weeding.
  • There is an increasing need for friendly visitors.
  • We have provided several referrals for people needing professional services which we are not equipped to provide.
  • We have almost ten volunteers from the South Skyline area (mostly 95033) and have opened the door to requests for help from that area.
  • We have had some needs for organic foods which have been provided through the Community Food Pantry at Skyland Church.

Mountain Neighbors Having Fun at Firefighters Events

By Patricia Wood

Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors had some summer fun attending our local mountain volunteer fire department events. First, my husband and I visited the Fire and Rescue Pancake Breakfast in May at the South Skyline Station. We enjoyed tasty blueberry pancakes and great conversation with people from the Black Road area.

Jacki Corvell and her friend, and Brian Wood and I took turns at our MNHN booth at the always fantastic Loma Prieta Firefighters BBQ on June 7. We had our own booth this year courtesy of Fran Thompson's booth cover, Harold & Shirley Hoyt's card table, and permission of our Fire Chief, Alex Lehman. We took turns at our booth greeting and chatting with many neighbors.

While we were there we saw many of our current volunteers and some of our care receivers, and we made new friends. We signed up 11 new volunteers who are ready to begin. In fact, we made one match onsite! We are so thankful for our volunteers whose cheerful neighborliness makes life in the mountains so rewarding.

Cliff Jenkins from the South Skyline area joined us at the June 20, South Skyline Fire and Rescue Open House being hosted by the Las Cumbres Fire Station off Highway 9, from 10 am to 2pm. We met new friends from the South Skyline Fire Safety and the CERT first responders who were there too.

We provide non-professional services to those in need in our 95033 community. Please call 408-353-4565 (PatriciaWood) or email us at We look forward to serving you!

Our Wonderful Community Partners

Our care network is made possible by your friends and neighbors who volunteer their time, supplies, and money. We are very grateful for the many folks and local groups who help to build a stronger healthier mountain community family.

Christ Child Catholic Church

Leo's Club (CTE middle school service club)

Loma Prieta Community Foundation

Loma Prieta Women's Club

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Chapel

Mountain Bible Church

Skyland Church, UCC


Santa Cruz Mountain Alliance

South Skyline Association